How i walked in Gandhi's footsteps

Why I Run



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  • Slowitude
    Slow Philosophy


    Don’t buy the story of the clock whispers incessantly inside you. Watch your breath. Be mindful of the narrative that drives men and women everywhere to look a certain way and…

  • gods on my back
    Slow Art

    My body as canvas

    The Tattoo is still in progress, it is called a Mega tattoo, it’s on my back with the Lord on the right and Shakti Maa on my left - the Spine…

  • Ladhaki weavers
    Slow Fashion

    Wooly winds of change

    Each of these glimpses of weaver narratives are unique and distinctive of their contexts. Yet they share the commonality that they exist in the areas of contestation between modernity and tradition,…

  • Slow fashion
    Slow Fashion


    In this work we shift from the corporately contrived “seasonal” cycle of fashionable colors to a truly seasonal cycle of cultivation, collection, and creation. A cycle in which each year’s colors…

  • Carl in Perth
    Slow Interview

    Carl Honore

    Speed is easy to love. It is thrilling and sexy. It triggers the release of adrenaline and other exciting hormones. So we are hardwired to enjoy speed. Also, speed is an…

  • Glorious finish
    Slow Memoir

    Why I run

    She no more needs a Hero to redeem her from her own wrath. She is the Hero and she is the redeemer. She can turn her back to the world for…

  • Slow Dreaming
    Slow Philosophy

    In Praise of Daydreaming

    ‘She has a wandering mind. Tch Tch. It will bring trouble later.’ This was my school teacher’s report to my mother a long time ago. I was promptly taken to learn…

  • Slow Philosophy
    Slow Philosophy

    Get Rich Slow

    This reveals a different kind of affluence, a whole other abundance. One that has nothing to do with finances or belongings. One that comes with a sense that everything has a…

  • Hockey amidst a slow life
    Slow Philosophy

    Fast Talk in a Slow Life

    Pressure to unplug is building beyond the office, too. Restaurants, bars and travel groups are banning mobiles. Technology-free carriages have appeared on trains in many countries. Like a drug rehab clinic,…

  • G Town
    Slow Travel

    The ride of my life

    The most important part of cycling is the clothing. I jokingly say, “it is not how well you bike that counts, it is how good you look when you bike that…

  • gulmarg meadows
    Slow Travel

    Slow days in Great Beauty

    The whole pashmina trade is a bit suspect- one can bargain and get stoles and shawls from ‘village artisans’ and one never knows the right price. Also pure pashmina can…